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“HubSpot’s statistics found that 54% more leads are generated by inbound tactics than by traditional paid marketing. This also means that you have to give top priority to creating the right content.” Neil Patel

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation describes the top of a sales funnel. It is the collection of actions that spur initial interest in your product or services. Lead generation can be done on a B2B or B2C basis, as well as digitally or through traditional marketing efforts- usually a combination of the two. We can help you with all of it. 

why you need a Lead Generation Strategy

Inbound marketing with continued lead generation sets up your team for success by reducing (or eliminating) the need for cold calling and cringe-worthy outbound tactics. Instead, we help you craft compelling content that builds authority and attracts ideal clients/customers to your business. A successful lead generation strategy will keep your brand top of mind while enabling your team to focus on better tasks. 

The total benefits of lead generation marketing are vast. In general, you will notice the following positive things for your business. 


Optimized Operations & Better Team Morale

The benefits of a front-end lead generation strategy crossover into operations and culture. When you set up a functional inbound marketing system, your operations become more streamlined. Instead of getting pulled random directions by cold calling and chasing leads; your team has a pool of vetted warm leads to convert into clients/customers. You’ll notice the tone of conversations with leads generated from an inbound strategy is much more enjoyable. 


Authority from Branded Content, Assets & Media

The marketing strategies we implement offer the benefits of compounding content. Over time, you build an arsenal of compelling content to be utilized and re-purposed across all channels and platforms. This compounding content is extremely valuable to amplify SEO and build authority. When executed properly, you can build a fully-functioning media platform your brand owns and operates. 


Increased Sales Rates & Revenue

Proper inbound lead generation can turn your sales team into a powerhouse. Instead of wasting time on demotivating outbound sales calls, your team can focus on pulling high-quality prospects and leads through the finish line all day. Every hour is maximized because warm leads are already interested and learning about your brand before you even make contact. In turn your sales team will be far more effective and efficient. 

our lead generation process

phase one: consulting, discovery & buyer personas

Lead generation consulting will help you develop a strategy that generates well-qualified leads for your business. The consulting sessions will explore details of your business to understand where your business currently is and what your goals are.

We’ll learn about your operations and what gaps can be filled or improved. We also discover or create the ideal target audience you should be capturing for your business model. Once the ideal audience is known, we craft a custom content strategy that attract your ideal client or customer.


Marketing & Business Operations Discovery

We will take a deep dive into your business and optimize every point possible for an effective lead generation system. These deep dive consulting sessions learn about your brand, your business model, your team, and your performance. We analyze all qualitative and quantitative data and start build an analytics system to measure baselines and track success.


Audience Targeting & Buyer Persona Creation

An effective lead generation strategy starts with a laser-focused target audience. We will help you and your team discover, create, or fine-tune existing buyer personas. We conduct deep research, professional focus groups, and high-level data science experiments to understand your audience better than they know their self. By the end of your successful lead generation consulting sessions, you will have a crystal clear idea of who you are serving.


Content Strategy & Marketing Infrastructure

Once a clear buyer persona is identified and targeted, we will craft a custom content strategy with personalized precision. Most lead generation relies on educational, but entertaining content you customer will love and share. Instead of chasing leads and cold calling all day, we focus efforts on creating compelling content that will attract and convert your ideal clients. We help ensure that the underlying infrastructure of your business is optimized to maximize the relationship building brought forth from content.

our lead generation process

phase two: content creation, automation & prospecting

Once you have a clear lead generation strategy, you will need to produce, publish, and manage the marketing content/operations. If you have an existing team prepared, we can help train and optimize responsibilities to make sure the lead-gen system is runing with the best team members in place.

If you do not have a trained team prepared to manage your marketing. We will happily absorb that role as your virtual CMO with a focus on lead generation. Your campaigns will be created and executed by premium professionals. We are happy to offer support with any of the following services for lead generation.


Content Creation, Publishing, promotion

Streamline content strategy, production, and publishing all under one roof. We’ll ehlp produce premium convent that converts. You’ll review and approve content at your convenience. We keep things moving 24/7 so the marketing and lead generation wheels are always turning. The custom content built for your brand/business will be optimized into multiple formats depending on the medium it is being delivered. (Email, social, web page, mobile text, etc.)


Marketing Automation Setup & Analytics

Maximize your marketing budget with smart systems that automate the most useful tasks possible. Our deep dive session will reveal recurring tasks that steal hours of your work week. We work to eliminate, automate, or optimize inefficient tasks. Your team will be happy to have useful follow-ups and mindful automation supporting their lead generation. Then we set up a monitoring and reporting system to track all your data in real time. See which content is succeeding – and see what needs to be optimized. Trust transparent reports with clear insights and takeaways.


Lead Scoring, Nurturing & Sales Systems

Track, engage and nurture relationships with your high-value prospects with an intelligent sales system. Stop losing track of deals and giving up on prospects after one or two touches. With automated lead scoring, automated emails and reminders, deal tracking and attribution- you know where your deals are at and where they came from. Using your highly targeted content, we’ll make sure you’re building credible relationships with prospects .

Lead Generation Formula

Buyer Personas


Website experience


Content & SEO


types of lead generation 

b2c lead generation

Everything about B2C lead generation is relating to personalization and intent. The closer you can identify with your ideal customer and the people most interested in your product, the more lead generating you will do. While we are continuing to be immersed in this digital transformation consumers strive to feel seen, heard and treated as an individual.

The most successful B2C organizations are using video, social media and other lead generating tactics to connect with their prospects in a useful, meaningful way. Our B2C lead generation services ensures an appropriate marketing balance with high value content resulting in quality leads.


  • Influencer Marketing & Giveaways
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising (PPC Campaigns)
  • Brand Awareness &  Exposure
  • Promotional & Content Videos
  • Groups & Networks
b2b lead generation

“B2B is a particular business model that requires a particular approach to lead generation. HubSpot found that SEO is the top resource for capturing business leads, followed closely by email marketing and social media. Not to mention, effectiveness varies by channel.”- Hubspot Beginner Inbound Marketing Guide

That being said, South Ventures takes an omni-channel approach to B2B lead generation consulting and services. We help you develop the right approach, produce professional material and execute on the decided marketing efforts for your business.

Developing Qualified Leads:

  • Set A Clear & Measurable Goal + Objective
  • Know Your Audience & Your Ideal Buyers
  • Know Your Brand Or Clarify Your Brand
  • Research & Watch Your Competitors
  • Measure & Adjust
linkedin lead generation

If you’re not marketing yourself and/or your business on LinkedIn, you should be. It is easily the top performing B2B Social strategy. People who are able to identify with their target market and produce consistently useful original content are capable of viral exposure. Take advantage of our LinkedIn lead generation services. 


  • Connections & Thoughtful Comments
  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Paid Ads
  • Company Pages
  • Messages
  • Sales Navigator

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