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Build your brand and business in the inbox of your audience.

What Is email Marketing?

Email marketing is the strategic process of using email communication to educate, promote, and sell products/services online. People often promote a product or service with a single campaign.

Professional email marketing strategy realizes there is far more value to provide with this communication tool. It can be used to connect with customers in very creative ways. You can deepen relationships with thousands of people at a time. When appropriately used, email marketing is a powerful brand-building lead-generating tool for any business in any industry.

Definition of Email Marketing

Wikipedia claims the official definition of email marketing as:  The act of sending a commercial message using email.

This is a clean cut definition, but don’t let it limit your perspective on how many different ways email marketing can be utilized with the right people and tools in place. You’ll find (like most tools) it heavily depends on how the user is utilizing the tool. There are plenty of ways to do email marketing wrong. You can learn from experience, or we’ll show you how to do it right from the start.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

The real power of email marketing lies in setting up an advanced automation system. This will strategically send messages based on their previous engagement (or lack of engagement.)

Essentially, you can outline all the potential customer paths and guide them with continuous automated communication. This requires a strategic set up, but once it is implemented, the automated emails can send without any additional input. A proper email automation strategy focuses on truly understanding who you’re emailing. It’s all about delivering the right message at the right time.

With advanced analytics in place, you can know what messaging is performing best (or worst) and continuously optimize. Book a session and ask how we can build the architecture of your email automation system.

email Marketing services

South Ventures can provide email marketing services of any kind. From early-stage research and software preparation, to advanced workflows and automation. We’ve got you covered. There is so much to gain in setting up a proper email marketing strategy.

In doing so, you can use real data and numbers to help you identify what buyers to go after and where to steer your efforts. By coming up with a holistic, cohesive email marketing strategy, you can guide people from cold prospects into loyal fans.

The best services in email marketing typically start with a consulting session to understand the ideal buyer persona(s) with absolute clarity.


Email Marketing Software

Don’t have an email marketing system in place? We’ll help you select and implement the best email marketing software for your business. We’re fluent in HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact and all the big players. 

Email Integration + Setup

We’ll make sure your email marketing system is integrated with you website and blog. We’ll also import any of your existing contacts and do initial segmentation.


Automated email marketing

Outline the framework of who you’re targeting and what messaging will resonate best with them. This shapes the communication strategy of all emails.

Newsletters + Campaigns

We’ll piece together the perfect gameplan for your digital email architecture. Sometimes it makes sense to automate, other times it’s better to send manually. Regardless, we’ll make sure of the best way to hit “send.”

List Segmentation & Reporting

Track, measure, and optimize messaging continuously. Identify opportunities for viable product/service promotion or brand development.

Email marketing best practices

The best email marketers in the world understand it is all about empathy. Imagine yourself at the other side of the screen. You want to craft an experience that is valuable and enjoyable. Here are some tips for top-tier email marketing in any size company.

Increase click-through-rate (CTR) with short and snappy subject lines.

The modern inbox is a battle for attention. You should keep your copy short and sweet. Concise writing is really valuable within teh context of email. Try to say more with less words. It will be super effective for clear, crisp emails.

Avoid SPAM triggers.

Here’s how to avoid SPAM triggers and ensure your message lands where intended. Don’t use a lot of sales or promotional language like 50% Off, BOGO SALE, etc.

Always make sure you are using reliable sending software with a clean sending record.

Only send to clean lists with valid addresses to minimize the bounce rate (how many emails are not delivered). A higher bounce rate will hurt you in the long run.

Know your audience better than they know themselves.

Invest in front-end strategy and research to clearly understand your buyer persona. This will be the most valuable step of any email strategy. Deep empathy allows your brand to use email more effectively to attract more clients and deepen relationships.

Have advanced analytics in place so you can tap into valuable insights hiding in the data. Track the best and worst performing messages to continuously optimize the user experience.


What are the types of email marketing?

Email marketing can typically be assorted into 3 primary categories. Automated, manual, and hybrid.

Automated email marketing is when communication being sent requires no immediate input (typing, clicking, etc.) from the user to send. This automated email strategy is effective for saving time but requires significant preparation. Be mindful of your messaging strategy to maximize the effect of these automated messages. You still want to sound like a human and start a conversation.

Manual email marketing is when communication requires the user to be present and active when sending a message. This is most common for one-on-one conversations or messages with small groups/teams. This is the most personalized and human messaging type, but it obviously requires your time and energy. it is best to use manual messaging for important conversations.

Hybrid email marketing is the combination of both methods mentioned above. Ideally this is the best type of email marketing strategy for your business. Automate large-scale messaging with the goal to start real conversations with people. Use personalized manual messages to follow up, build rapport, and deepen relationships.

What are the best email marketing tools?

The best tool(s) for your email marketing strategy will depend on the specific goals of your brand/business.

South Ventures knows how to unpack your business situation and coordinate the right software/tools best fit for you and your team. We won’t sugarcoat any feedback, and we only recommend a tool if it is truly necessary. Our decades of experience across multiple platforms has given us a powerful palette of digital options to consider and implement.

is b2b email marketing effective?

Yes, B2B email marketing is effective when a proper strategy, messaging, and analytics are in place.

We know how to reverse-engineer the most effective strategy based on your target audience and buyer persona. With millions of emails sent, we have a deep understanding of the best digital communication experience to capture bsuiness from other businesses.

is b2c email marketing effective?

Yes, B2C email marketing is effective when a proper strategy, messaging, and analytics are in place.

We know how to reverse-engineer the most effective strategy based on your target consumer persona. With millions of emails sent, we have mastered the digital communication experience needed to capture the attention of your ideal customers.

How do you have a successful email marketing campaign?

A successful email campaign requires the following 3 elements:

  1. Proper strategy and persona research
  2. Pro copywriting/messaging 
  3. Advanced analytics and tracking

South Ventures has built and sent thousands of successful email campaigns. We understand the key components of an effective email system and strategy.

Book a free discovery/consulting session to upgrade your email marketing strategy.

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