CVI Test by taylor protocols

A reliable test to understand and optimize your life and business.

Breakthrough your own limitations 

The Core Values Index Assessment (CVI) gives you insight that you can turn into action. Understand your own tendencies and psychology. Use this to design your life for maximum fulfillment while accomplishing your personal and professional goals.


Build self awareness

Get clear about who you are, what’s important to you and how you operate best.

be a better communicator

Thrive under any circumstance by understanding your communication triggers and how to engage with other people.

Find & Develop your passion

In a busy, option-filled world it can be hard to find fulfillment in our day-to-day lives. Get actionable advice on paths to find it.

Harness your motivation

Money is not the motivator. Harness the power of the motivators that can have you starting every-day energetically.

Core Values Index (CVI) Assessment

The CVI achieved 97.7% repeat reliability in longitudinal studies. No other psychometric assessment even comes close.

“The difference between the CVI and other tools is the CVI measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. It identifies what fulfills someone about the work they do, rather than whether or not they are capable of the work.”

-Taylor Protocols Inc


Yourself & your team

The CVI assessment helps you understand yourself and your team better by creatively extracting what you truly value and care about through a series of selections. This translates into what you’d likely find fulfillment in and how to best interact with people who fall in other quadrants.

  • Take better care of yourself. Build and schedule your days around the activities that pick you up, and the ones that drain you.
  • Leverage your new understanding in helping your team and co-workers double down on what they’re best at.
  • Questioning your career, position, fulfillment or direction in life? Get the answers you’ve been searching for.
  • You’ll receive actionable advice and solutions for your specific needs.

Builder [power]

The core capacity of a Builder is Power. Power is the personal energy used to make a difference and create a positive result. Builders are the doers of the world.

merchant [love]

The core capacity of a Merchant is Inspiration/Love. Inspiration is the nurturing of core capacities in one’s self and in others.

banker [knowledge]

The core capacity of a Banker is Knowledge. Knowledge is the “how” and “why” of things.

Innovator [Wisdom]

The core capacity of an Innovator is Wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see the way things work and know what to do about it.

Take your cvi assessment

Gain a better undestanding of what brings you fulfillment. What kinds of things get you excited and energzied, as well as what activites suck the life out of you. 

  • Assessment takes about 10 minutes
  • Without taking too much time to thing about it, select the word(s) that mean the most to you when they are presented to you in the assessment
  • You’ll be presented with the results of your two primary quadrants. EX: Merchant/Innovator
  • The size of the quadrants and the numbers associated with them tells you your natural strengths and where you’re prone to weaknesses.
  • Download your results

Free CVI Assessment

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Full CVI Assessment + Coaching Call

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Full CVI Assessment + 6 week training

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Hi, my name is Ian. I’m a serial-preneur, husband, father, coach and Oregonian. I received my real estate appraisal license with the intention to pay my way through my Masters of Teaching degree.

What I didn’t realize is those decisions opened up a life of entrepreneurship, teaching and coaching.  

The CVI test changed my direction, helped me harness my power and rebuild after losses.

Now, I’m spreading the word. Want to better understand your CVI results? Schedule a call with me and I’ll help you become an expert on yourself.

What is the cvi test?

The Core Values Index reveals the long-term nature of a person and their core motivational forces. These forces determine the suitability of your personality and work ethics to the job you are trying to obtain, already have, or desire.

how does the cvi help me?

The CVI test measures your suitability for a type of work or job, rather than the ability or adaptibility. It identifies what fulfills you about the work that you do and what your strengths and weakness are.

how does the cvi assessment help me?

The CVI test measures your suitability for a type of work or job, rather than the ability or adaptibility. It identifies what fulfills you about the work that you do and what your strengths and weakness are.

who should take the cvi test?

The CVI test should be taken by you, your employees, and potential new hires. The test will help identify what you and your employees excel at, and where you are lacking. By having potential new hires take the test, you can ensure they will not only fit the job, but that you are hiring a top performer.

how do i use the results?

You can use your CVI results to better understand your fit into the work that you do. Whether you are a Banker, Builder, Innovator, or Merchant, the CVI will provide you with results on what you excell at.