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With more people starting businesses than we’ve seen in decades, your business strategy is more important than ever. Consider us your business’ first stop for questions and resources. If we’re not the right experts, we’ll connect you with one. 


What is strategy Consulting?

Operating a business without a clear and intentional strategy is like a ship sailing in the middle of the ocean with the only objective being to stay afloat. Not sure where to go, not sure what to do, just don’t sink.

Strategy consulting helps a business gain a 30,000 foot view of where they are and where they would like to go. Strategy provides direction, what processes can be improved, what problems can be solved, how can we create new revenue streams or increase lifetime customer value.

South Ventures’ can help you dive into intricacies of your business, how it works, create goals and assist you with plans and actions to support them.


Types of Strategy 

There should be “strategy” behind just about everything we do. It’s important to understand the “why” and purpose behind things. Here’s a few of the most valuable strategy services. 



Business Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Growth Strategy

Operations Strategy

Technology Strategy

Process Overview


Discovery & Competition

Strategy consulting usually starts with a discovery call where we ask a combination of standard and unique questions regarding your business and your objectives. Then we talk competitors and value propositions.


Analysis & Goal Setting

After we gather information we start looking at the data, numbers and concrete information available about the state of your business. This helps us identify strengths, weaknesses, things to improve and what to double down on. 


Plans & Necessary Resources

In order to accomplish the goals we set in step two, there needs to be a plan that tells you how to get from point A to point B. We’ll also prepare you with the information and resources you’ll need on your journey to goal completion.

Why Strategy is important

A company’s overall success depends on its ability to compete—and more than 90% of competition occurs at the business unit level. Strategic thinking must encompass two areas: the structure and health of an industry, and the company’s position within the industry.


Create vision & Direction


prioritize resources, needs & actions


Drives Day-to-day decisions


Evaluating Progress & Future iterations


Proactive business & durability


Increase Operational efficiency, revenue + profitability



Business Strategy Examples

We have a long history of setting goals, making plans and meeting desired milestones. This is one of many examples. 

Digital Transformation Strategy

After being stagnant for some time, Premier was ready to find momentum again. This is the story of their digital transformation and the growth that continues.


Premier Physical Therapy

Project Date


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