Brand Strategy & Identity

It’s the business version of self-awareness. Your business should know who it is, what is does, who it serves and WHY.

What Is Brand Strategy?

Brand strategy is an overarching understanding and progression of a brand  in order to successfully grow your business. Creating a successful brand strategy requires relating to and empathizing with your audience.

Your brand is how the world perceives your business. Poor branding will make you seem amateur and not trustworthy. Strong branding will build trust, loyalty and community.

Why Brand Strategy matters

Brand strategy helps you identify the WHO and the WHY. These are critical elements to know WHERE to find your ideal customers and WHAT they’re most in need of.

Definition of brand identity

Brand is the visual identity, such as the logo, colors, and design style that helps distinguish itself in the market.

Brand identity gernally conisists of:

  • Logo design
  • Colors and typography
  • Voice or language for internal and external communication or advertising
  • Icons, shapes or other visual elements to use associated with the brand
  • Partnerships or aliances
  • but also includes personality/tone/voice based elements.


Value Of Brand Strategy Consulting

Ultimately, your brand strategy informs the decisions to develop the brand identity. It’s critical to research, prepare and integrate a complete identity that is as consistent as possible.

This identity will live in the mind of your consumers. You should focus as much time and energy on the front-end of this process to ensure long-term success.

No business is the same and neither is their ideal customer. Taking a step back and really getting intentional about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is the most critical aspect of building a brand your audience loves.

Craft An integrated brand Marketing strategy with the pros

We’ll take the time to truly understand your business inside and out. Our deep dive discovery process unpacks vital information you didn’t know was hiding in your data. We pick apart your operations and business model to learn how we can effectively integrate a brand strategy with your business. You’ll understand new target personas with crystal clear confidence. We’ll help align your brand to the lifestyle of your personas. You’ll maximize the long-term value of your business when a proper strategy is in place. Stop relying on hard pushes for sales and advertising campaigns. Start building a brand that attracts the buyers you want.

We are happy to help you build a long-lasting pro brand that will be an icon of your industry.

— Fresh branding & identity strategy (for startups, and new businesses/assets)

 — Rebranding strategy (a new identity for existing companies)

 — Brand Upgrade Strategy (maximize your existing brand)

Brand Strategy & Identity Services

We’ll help you build a meaningful brand top to bottom. Regardless of your business industry, or what stage you’re at – you need a brand strategy. It’s important to invest in proper strategy sooner than later. Often, you’ll find it is way more difficult to reshape a brand if you have set the wrong impression.

It is much easier to shape a clear strategy from the start that will build your brand with class and integrity. Long term brand equity is one of the most valuable investments to build a sustainable business.

Attract a tribe of buyers by being clear about your mission, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. We’ll help you craft the brand strategy you need to thrive


Deep Analysis + Research

Research and audit your business, your competitors, your industry or category. This will be done based on the geography of your business and your target audience.

Strategy + Best Practices

Analyze and apply brand marketing best practices, trends and industry specific information to your current business performance and digital assets (website, social profiles).

Buyer Personas

Outline the audience of your business with clarity. Then craft a custom strategy to match your brand with said audiences as a formal plan.

logo, colors & typography

Understanding your buyer persona allows you to craft a logo and brand identity that speaks to them.


Brand book & brand voice

Brand books document the vision of your brand for your team and your future vendors to adhere to. Establishing a brand voice ensures you are consistent across all platforms in your tone and language. 

Marketing & Brand materials

We’ll design and create any necessary brand and marketing materials. This includes business cards, letter head, social media cover photos, flyers, infographics and more!

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How to build an effective brand strategy?

The best brands in the world understand how to combine all elements of branding into a cohesive strategy. Your brand should feel like a cohesive experience across all platforms and channels. A proper brand strategy will align all the pieces at play so your brand experience is consistent. This means your target audience will start to learn the “personality” of your brand and become more familiar. If your brand experience is consistent, it builds trust in the mind of the user. Our brand strategy consulting will make sure your target audience learns to love your brand with a clear understanding of what you stand for.

We leverage modern surveying tactics, advanced data science, and decades of experience to craft an unrivaled understanding of the audience. We’ll help you translate that info into a brand that matches what your client/customer wants. A team of brilliant minds and talented designers can turn your basic brand into a lasting legacy. 

How to define brand identity with design?

The first thing people will notice and remember about your brand is its visual identity. It’s critical to invest in professional brand strategy and design to maximize the value of your brand equity in the long run. The visual identity of a brand often starts with a logo, but spans far beyond that. You’ll want to consider several factors for a professional brand strategy.


  • Professional logo in all variations/orientations
  • Custom typography or font families
  • Complete color palette options and shades
  • Matching icons, symbols, graphics, images and video
  • Clear brand book and guidelines for team members
How to set brand voice/tone with messaging?

Your brand is a personality that should resonate with your target audience. One of the critical factors in brand strategy is matching the voice or tone of your audience. A professional strategy will use precise language and messaging with clear intent. You want people to be familiar with your words and have a loose expectation of what’s coming. We can help with:


  • Set a clear buyer persona and target audience
  • Research messaging, language, and daily habits
  • Match brand messaging to resonate with personas
  • Set messaging parameters and guidelines
  • Track, measure, and optimize communication
How to create a brand strategy for a loyal community?

Your brand strategy should focus on attracting and cultivating a tribe of like-minded people. if your brand is a person, you should aim to be the best friend of your target audience.

In doing so, you can gain the long-term loyalty of people while building a community of people acting as ambassadors of your brand. The best brands in the world know how to turn their community into a powerful tribe of raving fans.

Our brand strategy sessions will clarify your target audience and help you build a community that feels like home to them. When done right, you’ll enjoy the benefits of people representing and promoting your brand 24/7.

How to create a brand strategy for more sales?

At the end of the day, you’re running a business. Branding will be one of the most effective investments to increase the bottom-line.

A proper brand strategy will reduce friction in your sales processes and attract high-value clients/customers. Instead of chasing cold leads, you can attract warm prospects. Your brand should act as a magnet to people needing your product/service.

Jump in a brand strategy consulting session to learn how you can level up your branding to move more deals through the pipeline.