About Us

A Dedicated Alliance

We believe the best way to grow our business is to take really great care of the business we have. We treat people the way we want to be treated, meet deadlines and always fight for our client’s best interest.

Our operating system

Innovative & Forward Thinking

We believe in building for the future. So, we are constantly experimenting with projects internally so we can use the insights to benefit clients.

Communicative & Responsive

We’re agile and responsive. When something happens to your business, you need to feel like someone has your back.

Continuous Improvement

South Ventures’ incentivices our team to stay current with their skill-related certification opportunities, trends and continued education.

Our Principles

Work Hard, Play Hard

Time away is critical to our creative and strategy driven business. Taking care of ourselves allows us to take excellent care of our clients.

Sustainable Thinking

Caring about our environmental impact, we have a 100% remote workforce while supporting our team in sustainable habits and housing.

Second Chances Initiative

We believe in another chance, so we donate 10% of our profits to prison reform and homelessness initiatives.

Work with a Team of Business Consultants, Marketing Experts & Experienced Executives.

Consider South Ventures your business’ swiss army knife of resources. Utilizing a distributed workforce of experts across the globe and a lean operations model- we offer competitive services at a competitive price.

Business models, technology, operations, marketing, legal/compliance and hiring are just a few aspects of a business that need to be working well together in order to grow and sustain your business.

If you’ve got a problem, I’d bet we could solve it. If we’re not the right experts for the job, we’ll connect you with ones that are. 

Emmitt South



Emmitt is the founder and CEO of South Ventures. A self-taught marketing and consulting expert, he has been working in the industry for over 12 years. He specializes in business consulting, integrated marketing and website development. If you need something done for your business, Emmitt can not only guide you in the right direction, he has all of the skills and experience to get it done! In his free time, Emmitt enjoys hiking and traveling throughout the PNW, reading and hanging out with his wife and new baby.

South Ventures Business Consulting Digital Marketing Services
South Ventures Business Consulting Digital Marketing Services

Kelli South

Co-Founder, Web Designer, SEO & CRMs

Kelli is the co-founder of South Ventures. She excels in many things website related, such as, custom website designing, technical and fundamental SEO, email marketing, and CRM integrations. In her free time, Kelli enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, and most importantly, being a new mom.

Travis Lachner

Partner & Marketing Expert

Travis is an integral member of the South Ventures team. Since day one, he has been a key partner and marketing expert in all things branding, graphic design, content writing and other media production. On the weekends, Travis enjoys spending time outdoors with his dogs, and hanging at home with friends ordering Thai food.

Ian Heimbegner

Partner & Consultant

Ian is a business + life strategist who works with senior executives, entrepreneurs, Founder/CEOs and executive teams of start-ups to help them improve their leadership, scale the company, and support them in learning key leadership and communication skills. Ian lives with his wife and their four children in Lake Oswego, OR.  You can often find him out on the playing fields watching or coaching sports.

Kelsey Kaplan


Kelsey has been our lead photographer for over 7 years! She has worked on numerous projects in all fields of work. From photographing medical clinics, taking headshots to product images, Kelsey is well versed in the field of photography and editing. Outside of work, Kelsey enjoys hiking throughout her home state of Colorado and traveling the world.

Jack White

Brand & Graphic Designer

Jack is a creative brand and graphic designer. He helps clients through brand strategy and then develops those concepts into the brand identity (logos, icons, typography, brand book, packaging, etc.) Located in the city of Chicago, Jack loves exploring new places downtown, and enjoying the nightlife with friends.

Our Values

We prioritize transparency, trust and consistency in our relationships and our crafts.


We’re relentless about clear communication and understanding what is expected of us in all of our projects. By creating win-win relationships, maintaining superior client happiness and doing what we say we’re going to do- there’s no reason to hide anything. 


Trust is crucial in maximizing consulting services. The more we are able to understand the intricacies of your business the more value we can bring. 


Consistently delivering, consistent in quality, consistently available at the times you need us most. 


We love to learn and improve. So we gather feedback, learn new skills and tools and are always finding ways to do what we love, even better.

Recent work

When it comes down to it, results are all that matters. Check out some of our recent business consulting & marketing results for our partners.